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Tips to help you choose a potential newborn photographer

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing hundreds of newborns in over a decade. With my love for continuing education in the field of newborn photography and safety, I can confidently handle the littlest of subjects with gentle hands and understand how to safely guide them into natural-looking poses. I’ve been told that I have a lot of patience and can baby whisper even the fussiest of babies. My focus is to capture the expressions and purity of your precious child by using beautiful light, natural poses and soft textures. After reading the following tips I hope to have helped you make a more educated decision in your quest to find your perfect newborn photographer for your family.

Most people start their search for a newborn photographer and are drawn towards images they see on Facebook, a website or Instagram, but it's more than just a pretty picture that one must consider when choosing a potential newborn photographer. This is kinda a big deal considering these images will be seen for generations to come. Maybe even shown at your child’s wedding or brought out again when they are expecting one of their own.  

Some things to consider when looking for a potential newborn photographer

Are they trained in newborn photography?

Ask questions.

I'm an advocate for the photography industry to get away from trendy unsafe poses such as the froggy pose, potato sack pose or using any props that can't be disinfected properly. Untrained photographers in their off-season that don't specialize in newborn photography could be using these poses and could potentially be dangerous to the baby. Your best bet would be a professional newborn photographer who does baby led posing. If they use props, consider asking how they disinfect these items between clients.

Take a look at the portfolio of the potential photographer. Are the babies in natural poses and look comfortable? Are any hands or feet purple or have claw-like fingers that can indicate discomfort? If someone hasn’t specialized in newborn photography, be very careful. A story that sticks with me was told by a mom who was helping someone build their portfolio by trying out a new trendy prop. The baby ended up falling but thankfully was ok. I’m not trying to discourage someone from starting out in this niche but want to emphasize that getting the shot is not worth jeopardizing the safety of your precious baby. The potential photographer should know what composite shots are and have experience in photoshop if they are showcasing a baby propped on top of something or suspended.

Does their style of newborn photography tug at your heart strings?

Take a good look at the photographer's website and other social media outlets. Do these images speak to you? Can you picture their work up on your wall for years to come? Is it something trendy or more classic that you have envisioned?


Are you looking for someone that only supplies digital files? Files that you can review on your computer or share on social media. If you do pick this option please don’t put off printing your photos. Oftentimes CD’s, USB's and hard drives stop working and we are left with nothing.

Some might be “hybrid” photographers that meet both your needs in offering digital files for your own usage and also having the option to purchase beautiful professional quality prints and albums. (this is me!)

*Photographers print using labs that accurately reproduce images to what they saw on their screens while editing. These prints are created with great attention to detail and have been edited and inspected inch by inch. Skin softening, blemish removal, skin tonne correction and other techniques that protect the print, make the images look their best and last a lifetime. Other photographers might require a session fee then in-person sales to select the best images to print as enlargements or put into albums. Some may or may not have options to purchase digital files.

Whichever you may choose also consider that quality should surpass quantity because you can't redo a newborn session when babies grow so fast.

I hope this helped guide you on finding that perfect fit and congratulations on choosing to document this exciting time! Just remember that these photos are just as important as those wedding photos up on your walls. 

If you have any more questions I am more than happy to help! 

Jessica is an Edmonton based photographer specializing in newborn, baby, children and family photography.


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