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This is me.

Jessica. Photographer. Mother of two boys. Naturally curious. Naturally curly hair.

If you didn't see this picture on my homepage, here it is again. Show it to your kids before you come to my studio so they'll get to know the person behind the camera. You could even show them my Instagram account. I talk into the camera a lot there even though I prefer being behind one!

Fun fact: I really enjoy making polymer clay earrings with my sister. I might be wearing a pair when you visit. 

Two little kids kissing their newborn sibling

Baby, baby, oh!

Although I practice baby, maternity and family photography, I often introduce myself as a newborn photographer. My approach to this niche of photography is minimalistic and simple. I prefer the use of baby-led photography versus overly posed photos. This technique is not only safer for baby, it also allows your newborn's unique little personality to show through! Those scrunchy faces and tiny yawns are something you'll always want to remember. 

Vintage Duck Photography Studio for Newborns

This is my in-home studio.

Vintage Duck Photography is an Edmonton photography studio, founded by me, Jessica! I specialize in newborn, maternity, baby and family photography with personality! 

As an experienced baby photographer (10 years and counting), I have photographed hundreds of newborns. I often go on to photograph them as they grow — from a crawling baby to one year old and beyond. I love visiting with my clients year after year. Some have even become true friends!

Mother holding newborn baby

Safety & Disinfection

I am fully vaccinated and wear a mask during newborn sessions. In preparation for a newborn session, I wash all blankets twice, once after a session and again right before. I wipe down my camera with disinfecting wipes and sanitize my hands every time I touch something before I touch the baby.

For baby and family sessions it's the same deal. Items are sanitized and I wear a mask if requested. Families and children do not need to wear masks for photos of course! 

A cute kid covered in glitter. Edmonton kid photography.

Something good.

I hope you've learned a few things about myself and Vintage Duck Photography. If you have any questions, please drop me a line me using my contact page. I hope we can one day create something good together.

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