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A chubby baby in a clear clawfoot tub, for tiny tub baby photography for water loving babies

Tiny Tub Baby Photography

Chubby baby in a tub. Baby with long eyelashes.

Tailor-made for your aquatically inclined little one.

Nine months to one year old.

Wouldn't these adorable photos be just the best in your bathroom?


Immerse your little one in a one-of-a-kind Edmonton tiny tub baby photography experience! Imagine their cherubic smile as they splash in my clear acrylic tub, accented with golden clawfoot details, tailor-made for your baby. These photos often showcase the playful and mischievous nature of babies, adding an element of joy and laughter to your images. 

But wait, there's more! I create a cozy atmosphere by using warm water and adding optional flowers and greenery, bringing an extra touch of cuteness to each frame.


Get ready for an overwhelmingly cute adventure that will leave you all giggling (and a little wet). 


Edmonton Tiny Tub Baby Photography

Oh, the future embarrassment possibilities are endless with this one! I can already see it now... your little baby, splishing and splashing in a tub fit for a royal baby, feeling like a mini-celebrity during their fancy photo session in studio. 

Fast forward to their wedding day. As the newlyweds are about to share their first dance, you casually whip out that video of your precious munchkin in their luxurious bath. Cue the blushes and the uproarious laughter from the entire crowd! It's the perfect way to remind them that no matter how fancy their future gets, they once bathed like a superstar in a pint-sized tub.

But hey, it's all in good fun, right? It's a testament to the joy and laughter that filled their childhood, and a reminder that even the most successful individuals have a goofy side.

So get ready to capture those priceless moments of tiny tub luxury, because it's all part of the grand plan to bring smiles, laughter, and maybe a little embarrassment to your child's future. Let's embrace the hilarity and create memories that will make them say, "Thanks, Mom and Dad, for keeping my embarrassment game strong!"


Edmonton Tiny Tub photography packages start at $600 and include a short film, digitals and a print credit. Please inquire about the investment guidebook for more information.

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