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Baby with blue eyes. Top half of head.


Warning: Exposure to these Baby Photos May Result in Cuteness Overload — Proceed with Caution!

A cute kid in a black and white rommper.

Pretty stinkin' cute.

These are just some of the details you want to remember as this baby stage passes by. My Edmonton baby photography sessions are done after three months of age. Typical times to photograph your baby are around four months, eight months and for baby’s first birthday. Parents and siblings are welcome to be photographed during these studio sessions.


Picture this: We strip away the unnecessary frills and let your little one's personality take the spotlight! By incorporating natural elements and neutral tones, the images exude a timeless and organic vibe, giving your baby's unique charm the chance to shine.

No flashy props or distracting colors here! We keep it real and let their true colours burst through. From their infectious giggles to their thoughtful stares, every snapshot captures their individuality in all its glory.

The end result? A mesmerizing collection of photographs that not only beautifully showcase your baby's one-of-a-kind spirit but also create lasting memories that will tug at your heartstrings for years to come. It's like bottling up their essence in picture-perfect frames. So get ready to cherish these treasures that truly speak volumes!


Packages start at $600 and include a short film, digitals and print credits.

The Baby Bundle package is  available to take care of all your baby’s milestones during the first year. Please inquire about the investment guidebook.

Other Photography Services

Floral milk bath photography
Tiny tub photography. Baby with black curly hair.
newborn-edmonton-photography .webp

Milk Bath Photos

These baby photos are wet and wild!

Tiny Tub Portraits

It's tiny. It's cute. It's perfect.

Newborn Photos

Full of personality and 'tude.

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