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Kid Portraits

Black and white kid says woah.webp

These kiddos have 'tude.

There's no faking that perfect portrait of a child. Embrace the reality of the chaos, funny faces and true authentic self of your fast growing kid. Personality Portraits will capture just that!


Vintage Duck is Edmonton's premiere kid portrait studio, specializing in both Edmonton kid portraits and unique personality photos. Our photos are quick, fun, and simple, capturing honest moments that you'll cherish forever. From a perfectly beautiful face to a crazy one, these portraits are the ultimate piece of art to print and hang on your wall. I can't wait to capture your child's true personality in every photo.


Interested in Edmonton kid portraits? Personality Portraits for kids age 13 months to teen years  start at only $250! 

Other Photography Services

newborn-edmonton-photography .webp

Milk Bath Photos

Beautiful baby photos in a tiny tub of warm milk. 

Tiny Tub Portraits

A clear tub to fit your wee one! A unique experience.

Newborn Photos

Authentic, honest newborns.

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