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Kids Personality Portraits

Updated: May 2

Introducing our new and exciting photo session — Personality Portraits for children over 13 months old! I understand firsthand the importance of capturing those special moments, from birthday photos to first tooth loss and everything in between. With my quick and easy updated photo sessions, you can celebrate all your child's milestones throughout the year without having to wait for a specific mini-session date.

You no longer need to wait for a specific mini-session date!

Are you looking for family photos as well? We can upgrade you with more images and time in the studio during a family portrait session.

Are you excited to book something in for your kids? Ask me more about kids personality portraits below!


Are you looking for mostly kids personality portraits but want a few family photos?

Let's chat about a Family Portrait Session in the studio by clicking the button below.

Do you still have a baby at home and want a similar style of photography... book a baby photo session with more details here.

black and white kid portrait hanging on the wall

Colour Photos or Black and White?

Which do you prefer?

I know I also have a hard time choosing between a modern black-and-white portrait of my children as opposed to a colour image. For that reason, I've decided to include colour and the black and white versions of each file so you don't need to choose! WIN WIN!

The choice between color and black-and-white portraits of your children is deeply personal, influenced by your individual style. Colour photographs can vividly showcase the unique traits of a child, like their bright blue eyes or curly hair, adding depth to their personality. For some parents, capturing these distinct features in vibrant colour is a way to celebrate their child's individuality.

A great word to describe kids black and white personality portraits is timelessness! Black and white photos have a classic and timeless quality that can make them feel like works of art. For some moms, the absence of colour can enhance the emotional impact of the photo, allowing them to focus on the expressions, gestures, and details that make their child unique. Some moms simply prefer the aesthetic of black-and-white photography, finding it to be more elegant, sophisticated, or refined than colour images. The simplicity and minimalism of black and white portraits can highlight the beauty of a child's features and create a sense of intimacy between the subject and the viewer.

Both styles can be beautiful and meaningful in their own way, and it's up to each individual to decide which approach best captures the essence of their child and most importantly which one to get printed for the wall!


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