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Baby-Led Posing | Newborn Photography the Vintage Duck way

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

I don’t pose babies — I soothe them. I let them lead the show. This creates photos that are natural and perfect — just as they are.

Natural Poses

Baby-led posing is a style where I use baby’s natural movements to create the shot. Your baby can curl up or stretch right out. They can scrunch their noses, yawn or cross their legs as if still in the womb. Other times I wrap them in soft fabrics to keep them snug and warm so I can capture your little one peacefully sleeping and document all of the little baby details. Keeping my set-ups natural and true to who your baby is will make sure your images are authentic. I love making sure the personality of everyone that comes into my studio is represented. These photos are the beginning of the rest of your lives together.

Simple Newborn Photography

My style of newborn photography is often done in less than half the time as heavily posed and propped sessions. I value your time and level of tiredness and want to make each session relaxing and stress free. You will leave feeling like you had a nice visit with a friend, and a quick break from the stress of life at home with a newborn (or two or three!). This in itself is a priceless gift to a new mom. Baby led posing leads to a natural experience not only of the child but also for the mother. If mom needs a little more time to stay at home and recover, baby led posing can be beautifully done up to two months of age, while more posed photos are best done within the first two weeks of life.

Unique to your Baby

A warm studio and a soft bed draped with cream or white fabric is the background for all of my newborn sessions. Your baby is the centre of attention using this minimalistic look. With loads of white space and unique compositions, my goal is to make each portrait unique and special because that is exactly what your child is!

Your Baby in Motion

Creating fusion films with still images and film clips is what I love the most! The movement of an unposed baby always makes for a cherished film that I gift to my clients. It’s something I wish I had of my own children, and one that I know parents will watch over and over again. Imagine years from now sitting down with your child and recognizing the way they scrunched their tiny nose is still the same way they do it as a teenager when you mention “homework”.

I’d love to have the privilege to capture the essence of who your baby is.


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