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What to Expect — Newborn Photography Session

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

What To Expect For Your Newborn Photography Session With Vintage Duck Photography.

Before Your Session

Your baby’s arrival is often unpredictable! Not to worry, after sending in your deposit, I will make space for you in my calendar around the time of your due date! I limit the number of newborn sessions I do in a month and can accommodate an early or late arrival.

Connect with me when baby arrives! I will schedule you for a morning session when your baby is between 5 days to 3 weeks old.

What To Wear

Strive for timeless photos and avoid chunky jewelry, trendy patterns and watches, which can be distracting elements. Wear neutral colours and earth tones for intimate portraits. The studio will be kept really warm so consider dressing in layers. Your baby will be photographed just in a diaper and swaddled in one of my many studio wraps. You can also choose to bring a simple, well-fit outfit for baby if you’d like your family photo done with baby dressed.

Session Day Prep

The good news is, there’s not much you need to do to make your session a success!

I take care of posing, wrapping and lighting your baby to bring out the beauty and newness that is your newborn, and you get to sit back on my studio couch… maybe chat with your spouse or me, sip some tea or get caught up on Instagram. But, of course, knowing the game plan is a good way to feel like you can relax and know exactly what to expect.

I strive to achieve sleeping baby photos, where baby is curled up, but if baby is awake I keep shooting. Some of the most memorable photos are ones of baby stretching, yawning or making the funniest of faces, that really show off that little personality. Once I photograph the tiniest of details and if baby is still not sleeping, I will hand baby over for a feed or a cuddle. I work as a team with parents to keep baby happy. ♥

What To Bring

  • baby dressed in a zip-up or button-up sleeper

  • diaper bag (diapers, wipes, burp cloth, formula (if needed) etc)

  • soother

  • blanket for cuddles

  • snacks

  • phone for behind the scenes photos and entertainment

  • extra set of shirts for parents in case of spit-up (leave these in the car just in case)

Session Length

1.5- 2 Hours

A lot of feeding, snuggling and soothing is expected during the session. There is something about a newborn session process that makes a baby hungry, so please bring extra formula (if formula fed).

No-rush downtime is typical.


If a sibling is involved I will start my photography workflow with them first. After the sibling and family photos are done, dad and sibling can feel free to leave and come back to pick mom and baby up at the end. We have a neighbourhood pet store, Cabela's, McDonalds and other stores and parks to visit. But of course, brother or sister is welcome to stay and observe and help be my assistant for the day.

Baby Safety

Everything that baby comes in contact with has been washed before our session. I use hand sanitizer and wear a mask the entire time and am double vaccinated. A day before your session a health screening questionnaire will be required to fill out. This makes sure that both parties are healthy and symptom-free. Immediate family is only allowed into the studio at this time. Your baby’s safety is very important and I will not put a baby into any unsafe poses. My newborn photography style is called baby-led, which leads to a naturally relaxed and happy newborn.

My home-based studio is designed to create a peaceful, calm and beautiful space where everyone feels at ease. I look forward to welcoming you here and meeting your new baby!


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