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10 Lessons Learned in 10 Years of Newborn Photography

Updated: Jan 22, 2022


Shit happens.

Keep the diaper on during photos unless mom requests a bare bum shot then quickly put that diaper back on!


Be efficient and professional.

Client management programs like 17hats and beautiful client galleries from Shootproof make you look and feel organized and confident you won’t have a mystery knock at your door with an unexpected client.


Keep it simple.

Ever see a photo and instantly date that image because of either the props or the edits/filters used? Some may love all the props but for me I’d like to invest my money on a piece to hang on my wall that would stay up to date with my homes decor.


Photograph other peoples children the way you would want your babies photographed.

This took me years to figure out. Why did I put my oldest in a fox costume? Because it was a cool thing to do at the time. How times have changed for me!


Don’t take three hours to photograph one newborn.

Parents are tired, your back may start aching and it doesn’t make for a pleasant experience to keep posing a newborn in a way they aren’t happy with just to get the token “froggy” pose shot. Try baby led posing! It’s a more relaxed session for both you and parents.


There’s more behind an image than the visual. There’s feelings.

If you take the time to allow mom to hold her child and feel all the feels a new mom has, she will look back at that image and feel it all over again.


The essentials.

All you need is a baby shusher clean neutral fabric, beautiful light and lots and lots of patience. Oh ya… and many hours of workshops, online education and baby safety videos… but that comes with time.


Don’t follow any other newborn photographers in your area.

Don’t be influenced by what they are doing. If you have a favourite photographer from far away, be influenced by their style and make it your own but don’t duplicate it.


Pick one niche, learn as much as you can about it and excel in it!

Focus on the one that speaks to you. If you try to do it all, you’ll be ok at some, but not great at them all. Focus your creativity like you would your camera!


Set yourself apart & stand alone.

I have this quote written by my desk.  When I’m brainstorming mini sessions, for example, I will take a stroll around a greenhouse, look at trending colour palettes, Xmas decor on Pinterest, then bounce the ideas off of my supremely creative sister who designs my website and edits my blog posts. Putting out original work like a hand painted backdrop or something you’ve never seen before makes you set yourself apart from the rest. You might see your exact set pop up in your news feed the year after but take it as a compliment.

I probably could write on and on but I’ll wait to share another on my 15th anniversary. Until then check out my blog post from my 5th birthday! Someone should have told my past self to just keep the diaper on. Much cleaner. Geesh!


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