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Soft & Organic Baby Photography

Updated: May 2

My goal is to photograph soft and organic baby scenes that showcase personality!

But I am also known to add natural elements for an added pop of colour and uniqueness. By using natural elements, like the giant monstera leaf shown above, I am able to create a timeless and classic look that will never go out of style. I want you to be able to proudly display your images on the wall for years to come and not be embarrassed to have a dated chevron or laser background. Those classic 90's laser school photo backgrounds were pretty sweet at the time — but clean and bright are always your best bet.

Classic and nature-inspired "props" can be particularly important when photographing babies, who may become overwhelmed or overstimulated by too much going on in their environment. I always use quotation marks when talking about floral and greenery "props". I don't actually count flowers or natural elements as a photography prop. It's just something that organically pairs up nicely with baby photography.

Why I don't use typical props organic baby photography:

Heavy photography props are like adding too many hot peppers to a dish — they add a lot of flavour and pizzazz to the photo, but too much and you'll end up with a hot mess! They're like a magician's wand — they can make the ordinary extraordinary, but if you're not careful, they'll steal the show! They're like a supporting actor in a movie — they may not be the star, but they can certainly steal the scene with a little bit of personality and charm. I think you get the point and that's why the word "prop" scares me and what I stay away from for your own sake.


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