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Voted Best in Edmonton! "Best Maternity Photographer in Edmonton for 2022"

Updated: May 3

Newborn photography has been my passion and purpose for well over a decade already! With newborn photography comes maternity photo sessions for clients that want to meet their upcoming baby whisperer before the baby is born. It's kinda like a working interview in a way. Parents want to make sure they trust the person responsible in handling their newest addition, vibe with their photographers personality and feel good that this person will be able to capture and follow their family in photographs as they grow.

Choosing a maternity and newborn photographer isn't just choosing a once and done photographer. It's choosing a photographer that will become that friend you visit in the fall for updated family photos and that recognizable face thats no longer a stranger to your children. There's no awkward warming up to the new person behind the camera every year because you've been there before and your children are able to relax and be themselves... because that is exactly what we as photographers want to capture! Families that are relaxed and sessions that run smooth and are familiar to everyone involved.

Back to the title of this post... I'm not one to post awards all over my website but would like to acknowledge the title I received for Best Maternity Photographer in Edmonton for 2022 from Best In Edmonton. I'm still trying to figure out how I got there when my focus is always on newborn photography but I'll take the recognition. I always tell expectant moms that maternity photo sessions are some of the easiest I do because, for one, the subject listens to me, there's no crying, and I don't have to balance toys on my head or make fart jokes for a smile. Ahhh the life of a baby and young children's photographer.

If you're expecting a newborn and would like to add on a simple studio or outdoor maternity session then send me a message! We don't have to make it a big production of gowns and outfit changes. Let's make it easy, and relaxed and you'll end up with your favourite images to look back on. Because that's what matters most.

Voted Best in Edmonton


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