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The Baby Plan

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

The Baby Plan

Now you can pre-book a full year of baby milestone sessions. After your newborn photo session you will have the opportunity to book “The Baby Plan” and save $300! The milestone baby photography sessions consist of baby being photographed at various stages of their first year.

Cute at Four Months

At four months, baby is getting chubbier, cuter, and loves to smile! This session has baby laying down and just being adorable.

Sitter Session at Eight Months

At eight months, we shoot what we call “The Sitter Session”.  Here we have baby in a seated position, once again, being super adorable and just loving life!

Happy Birthday!

Finally, we have the the one year old birthday session. This often includes a cake smash (of sorts) and some casual shots of your little one.

After all these amazing moments have been captured, you have the options of purchasing a luxurious, high-end photo album. This is a timeless heirloom piece that can be passed on for generations.


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