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New Cake Trend Alert! It’s a Naked Cake aka an Un-Iced Cake.

One of my new favourite cake looks right now is a naked cake. This trendy cake is basically an un-iced (naked) cake that is decorated with greenery like succulents or flowers. This new trend encompasses some of the things that I love – simplicity, nature and cake. These cakes are so simple, I think that anyone could make one. Check out a few gorgeous ones here! Maybe you could give one a try at your next get-together and prove that you truly are a trendsetter!

So, when momma of this one year old mentioned she wanted a custom live floral crown and was bringing in a naked cake, I was more than thrilled. I instantly asked my sister to gather up some flowers and make a tiny floral crown for this little lady. She makes all the live floral headpieces I’ve shot so far. You can have one too. Just ask when you book your shoot with your little one.

My one year old sessions aren’t just for smashing cakes. They can be for so much more. We also spent some time with soft backlight portraits and classic shots in a vintage high chair. We then pulled out the custom floral headpiece and flowers for the milk bath and cake smash. The cake smash is usually the most messiest part of the photo session but today it wasn’t . To our surprise the milk bath got a little wavey. This one year old’s splashing created quite the tsunami!

Interesting side note:

You may not know it, but my sister Christy graciously helps me out with my website. She’s pretty creative and proof reads all of my stuff so I don’t leave you reading something that is too boring. For real. She does this for all of my blogs! (Christy here: It’s true. I am tweaking most of her stuff! I work in advertising as my full time job, so I’ve got a way with words, and pictures, and floral headpieces I suppose!) 


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