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Dress to match your sofa

You heard me right. Dress to match your sofa. Your couch. Your chesterfield.

Picture this. Your family in organic earth tones that suit your neutral walls and wood grain throughout your home in a large print over your comfiest sofa.

You don't need to all wear the same white t-shirt anymore! Mix up your clothing choices by sticking to the warm and cool earth tones seen below. Take a look at your home decor and pull colours from those items you love best. You wouldn't want a canvas of your family wearing bright purple if your home had a emerald green sofa.

This is something to think about when you plan either your outdoor or studio session. Dress to match your sofa. It’s as simple as that — unless, of course, your sofa is a hand-me-down from the 80’s. You might need to slather on some pink and blue eyeshadow to match. Just kidding! Please don’t do that. Just hire a pro that guides you along the way in choosing the appropriate palette for your session.

Some inspiration for you!

This family dressed to match their living room decor. Sweet mustard yellow, browns and greys.

This family choose an organic palette with navy and forest green.

What colour is your couch? Let me know when you book a session with me. 🙂


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