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Accidentally Creative

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Simple milestone baby sessions are about connecting moments, not things. Minimalism in my photography is not about having less, but rather making room for more of what matters most… the baby!

My creative process with this boy’s milk bath session started with an accidental image. Sometimes I send my art director sister preparation shots from my phone of the set and ask for feedback. She knows that my style is simple and that is why clients are attracted to my work. This is where her keen eye comes in with the task of K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid)!

The pebbled picture

The photo I sent her included a basin on top of a green palm and some grass. There was also a pebble printed spongy slip mat inside the tub that I use as a safety precaution for every shoot. Not knowing this was a printed mat, she declared her love for the pebbles idea, as it’s another natural element that felt more “boy” like. I laughed and said it was just a bath mat and then the wheels started turning. How could I source beautiful rocks in less than an hour? Luckily I had a vase of shiny pebbles ready to go, and my mom had a bucket full from a past home project!

Creativity with crystals?

With this new inspiration, I’m interested in adding more natural elements to my photography. Crystals perhaps! If you’re that client who loves crystals as much as I do, send me a message to connect and we can plan something that I have never seen done before.


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