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Little people.
Big personalities.

Edmonton newborn photography, maternity, kids and baby photography.

Newborn photos with character. Baby photographs with spirit. Maternity photos with elegance. Family and kid portraits with a lot of funny moments. These are the images you'll want to hang on your walls (and share on Instagram!).

Baby photography sessions that are simply natural.

Are you a fan of photographs that exude charisma? Images that effortlessly capture the personality of your child? Well, you've hit the jackpot, my friend! This is the land of vibrant, carefree, and effortlessly chic visuals. However, if your heart desires snapshots of your little one adorably squished into a bucket, crowned with a colossal headband, then I'm afraid you've taken a slight detour. But fear not, for we shall guide you towards the artistic haven you seek.

I graciously offer newborn photography, maternity photography, kid and baby photography for your young, growing family. 


Newborns are just the beginning.

I adore baby-led newborn photography with a natural organic feel, but I also love maternity and baby milestone photo sessions. I adore all of my newborn photography clients, and many of them come to me for their maternity photos and keep coming back, year after year, to collect memories of their family in all their stages. Sign up for my newsletter below to get first dibs on special seasonal photo sessions for your family!

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Photo Session Offerings


Edmonton Newborn Photography

Even though it seems like they're almost always sleeping, newborns have huge personalities. Using natural, gentle, baby-led posing, I capture these little people in ways you'll never forget.

Baby Photography

Milestone baby sessions start at 3 months old!  From little smilers, to clumsy sitters and standers, the first year of baby's life is a big deal! Wrapping up the year with a one year old cake smash is always an entertaining choice.

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Maternity Photography

I offer in-studio and outdoor sessions for the mom-to-be and family. These sessions are casual and fun. Bring the spouse, kids and the fur child for the full effect! Do not regret skipping this short moment in your life as a mom.

Tiny Tub Photography

A tiny clawfoot tub and warm water. Edmonton's first and only tiny clear tub! These clearly cute tub photos can be added to the end of a messy cake smash or done on their own.

tiny tub baby photography.jpg

Milk Bath Photography

A fresh take on the baby portraits. These stylized photos use natural and live elements to create one of a kind sets.

Kid Portraits

Let's face it. Our kiddos have attitude. Capture their personalities close-up with a fun portrait session!

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Meet Jessica Tricker,
baby whisperer.


When I had my first baby, I thought I needed photos of him in a bucket dressed like a fox. What does the fox say? Well, my fox was one unhappy baby and looked nothing like what I wanted to remember him by. I realized that I wanted photos of him with no crazy distractions. When I began photographing him in a more natural way, I quickly realized that these are the images that tugged at my heartstrings — this was the real him. This is the way I  photograph babies, and this style has flowed into my child and family portraiture as well. With over 10 years of experience of Edmonton newborn photography as well as Edmonton family photography, I look forward to meeting you!  

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Jessica took the most incredible, adorable milk bath photos of out little girl! They are my favourite photos ever of her, and my only regret is not having done the same for my older kids when they were babies.


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