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Glitter Portrait Session

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Sparkle and Shine!

Let’s face it, after the age of one kids have so much energy that booking a photo session is not always on the top of a parent’s “fun things to do” list. Sometimes it feels like pulling teeth just to just get your kid to smile and look at the camera. My “pro-tip” is simple. Candy. Lots and lots of candy. Kidding! But ok just sometimes I use candy. I think I’ve gone through dozens of rockets candies while trying to distract my two boys to stay still for 30 seconds lately.

But once kids are way past the age of “whatever I hold, I will put in my mouth” stage and can listen to some basic directions, or about 4+ years old, glitter portrait sessions are a really fun, beautiful way to photograph your kiddie! I think they are a really beautiful mantle worthy portrait, or even something your little one can display in her own room. Something to make all her friends super jealous!

What you need for a glitter portrait session:

  1. A willing child that wants to make a mess

  2. A cool outfit

  3. A good sense of humour

  4. A non-guilty conscience about the unicorn-glitter-barf-mess in the Vintage Duck studio!

a little girl blowing glitter sparkles while wearing a fedora


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