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Cherish the Quirks with Informal Newborn Photography

Updated: May 2

Guess what? I recently had a super fun newborn photo session in the studio and I just had to tell you all about it. This adorable little girl came in with the cutest cleft lip, and let me tell you, her parents were an absolute riot!

Now, let me give you a little backstory. This family is like the definition of quirky and laid back. They're all about embracing their uniqueness and having a good laugh. So, when they told me they wanted non-formal and funny pics, I knew it was going to be an awesome session.

As soon as they walked in, they had me cracking up with their witty remarks and laid back personalities. It felt more like spending time with friends than a typical photo shoot. It's seriously the best feeling when clients feel like friends from the start.

Now, this little baby girl was an absolute star throughout the entire session. She had the most captivating smile that could melt anyone's heart. It just goes to show that our differences make us even more beautiful and unique and mom mentioned that she would miss her wavy lip after her future surgery.

This session was an absolute blast from start to finish. The love, laughter, and quirkiness that filled the studio that day made it one for the books. And the best part? The family received a gift certificate for this session from their loved ones, and I'm so glad they chose me to capture these precious memories.

Being an Edmonton baby photographer is truly a rewarding experience. I get to witness the purest love and joy with every session, and it never fails to bring a smile to my face. So, here's to capturing those beautiful newborn photos and cherishing the moments that make us laugh, cry, and feel oh-so-alive.

Until next time, my friend, keep embracing your quirks and capturing those precious memories. Cheers to the magic of newborn photography!


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