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Cake or no cake? What to do for a one-year-old birthday photo session.

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Skip the cake and spend more time having fun!

That's a huge win to have extra time with a busy one year old to truly show off their personality during a photo session. A one year old "cake smash free" photo session would start with lots of time for personality portraits, family photos and then the optional tiny tub at the end. I promise I wont be mad if you don't bring me cake to sample. :) (kidding.. I only did that pre 2020)

What exactly is a cake smash session?

Cake smash photo sessions have become a popular trend for first birthday celebrations. During these sessions, a one-year-old baby is placed in front of a cake and encouraged to dig into it with their hands, resulting in a messy and adorable photo opportunity. However, while it might seem like a fun, some parents would rather skip the cake and eat it after. It's important to remember that one-year-old photo sessions don't have to include a cake smash to be memorable and meaningful. There are many other ways to capture your child's first birthday that are enjoyable, and authentic. For example, you could have a family photoshoot, take photos of your child playing with their favourite toy, splashing in the tiny tub and capturing the most expressive faces. That my friend is the true icing on the cake.

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