A little about me…

I am a wife, a mommy, a Boston terrier’s best friend, a yoga lover, a DIY enthusiast and a little ones portrait photographer from Edmonton, Alberta.

I have been photographing newborns, babies and moms-to-be since 2010 (and sorry, I don’t do weddings! If only I had a dollar every time someone asked, I would have buckets of dollars!)

I fell in love with photography the minute I picked up my dad’s SLR camera when I was three. With a click of the shutter my first piece of art was nothing but the dashboard of our GMC pickup truck, not a majestic sunset or proud mountain goat. After years of practice on willing and unwilling subjects, I discovered the rewarding world of newborn photography. With my patience, and some say “baby whispering” skills, I love the challenge and learning this niche has brought me.

My little family, which consists of my high school sweetheart, my two growing sons, and our famous dog Archie the Boston Terrier. After watching our little guys grow so fast I understand the importance of capturing them during each so-very-cute milestone. I keep reminding myself to throw in a couple shots that will embarrass them on their wedding days! 

I tend to photograph with timeless neutral tones and natural elements that will not go out of style. I want my photographs to be a true piece of art I would hang in my own home, but will become your own family’s treasure.




(family photo credit Eternal Reflections Photography)